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Poetry Corner Kicks: Fire 0 - Union 1 (again!)

A shot of Jack will help put a bad road loss behind you.

A Chicago Fire defender does all he can to stop Jack McInerney.
A Chicago Fire defender does all he can to stop Jack McInerney.

Right place at the right time. Jack McInerney may have a reputation as a "poacher", but there is a good reason that the vast majority of his goals are scored from inside the box - he knows how to position himself. You could call it luck if it happened a couple of times, but McInerney finds the right spot at the right time over and over again. It was nice to see a couple of long-range shots from him as well. Zac MacMath also put in another decent game against the Fire; no catching balls from INSIDE the net, no own goals ... is our little goalie growing up?

Second game in seven days
The Fire and Union play
Chicago came to PPL
A wet and rainy day
Jack would start the game off right
LeToux providing service
His header put the Union up
And made the Fire nervous
Then in minute forty-two
LeToux caused a to-do
His free kick forced a diving save
And Johnson’s aim was true
Duka then would test MacMath
And fire a cannon blast
But ‘Math got big and tipped it high
The danger had been passed
Thompson from the Fire was shown
A red for causing trouble
In a slide from the behind
Cruz was forced to hobble
Up a man with time to spare
The Union wanted more
Alas they couldn’t find the net
And they just couldn’t score
LeToux would give a souvenir
To shouting Sons of Ben
Who got to take a game-ball home
When time had reached the end
Second home win for the U
Six saves from Zac MacMath
Another goal for McInern’
Makes for a playoff path