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Poetry Corner Kicks: 2-fer-1 special!

PCK recaps the Fire and Galaxy games from Saturday and Wednesday night. It's a two-for-one special!

Michael Farfan gives Jack McInerney a much deserved neck rub.
Michael Farfan gives Jack McInerney a much deserved neck rub.
Jonathan Daniel

Just so everyone knows, I wrote the recap of the Fire game prior to Wednesday's game against the Galaxy being played. Against the Fire, Zac MacMath was the one on fire. It seemed that every time you turned around, he was there making another save. Jack McInerney got a decent shot off which ended up being the decider, which shot him to the top of the scoring charts in MLS. Against LA, MacMath still made some massive saves, but he also scored one for the opposition. But he wasn't the only one to blame for Wednesday's meltdown. Losing to the two-time defending champs, even at home, isn't fun, but it is understandable. It would have been nice to see a bit more of a fight in the second half however. Hackworth was crying for respect prior to the Galaxy game, but it seems that respect will have to be earned elsewhere. On with the recaps ...

Fire 0 - Union 1

The Union have a new D-line
While Parke and Williams ride the pine
But it’s okay to walk that path
When your goalie’s named MacMath


Jack would send a ball to Cruz
A pass for which a striker craves
But his first touch he did abuse
And then MacMath would make a save

The post would then get in the act
To stop the Fire’s attacking wave
Nyarko’s shot hit post exact
And then MacMath would make a save

Casey tried a heady play
But Sean was there, he didn’t cave
Nyarko then saw breakaway
And then MacMath would make a save

Then in seventy plus five
Jack’s goal dug the Fire’s grave
The Union striker came alive
And then MacMath would make a save

The Fire pressed to tie the game
They could not score through efforts brave
For every shot they put on frame
MacMath was there to make a save

Galaxy 4 - Union 1

MacMath scored against his own team
Okugo allowed them to dream
But Hector and Keane
And Landon were mean
No respect for the U in their scheme

Sorry. This game doesn't warrant much more of a recap. The Union lost. Badly. That's enough to know, right?