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LIVE: 5/1/2013 John Hackworth Press Conference

John Hackworth speaks to the media today at 1:30 pm. Live updates from Brotherly Game on the press conference.

  • Hack on Parke: "I really don't have anything, but good things to say... He's brought leadership and continuity to the backline... him being a hometown guy is really important to us in a lot of ways."
  • Hackworth said it's "unique" that Parke really understands Philly and its fans/sports.
  • "It won't be the first time Jeff is in this situation," Hack said about Parke facing his former team.
  • "Sebastien is a forward for us. He's versatile enough to play in other positions... we have a lot of depth and we have a Jack McInerney scoring and doing well..." Hack said that over the course of the season SLT will get playing chances. "Having tough choices... is a good thing," Hackworth said of selection 'headaches.'
  • "I don't think we played well on Saturday night... New England was exceptional... they hadn't been that good in previous games."
  • Did Philly have a let down? "We did," Hackworth admitted. But he kept going back to the fact that the league has parity.
  • "Zac had a really good game Saturday night. He kept us in it a couple of times..." Hack also said Shuttleworth played well.
  • "It's a small step in his continued development," Hackworth said of MacMath's play against NER.
  • "Seattle... everyone knows how good they are. A team like Seattle, who is struggling early, is one... that all of us in the league..." Hackworth essentially saying that Seattle is better than they've played, will be there in the end.
  • "We want to try to find the way we played the first six [games]. We have to shore up some of our defensive holes..."
  • On new lineups: "I don't think we'll start this weekend. We certainly have some very tough choices to make going into this Saturday."
  • Hack says that the coaching staff have tough choices, made that clear to players in practices. Pushing players.
  • "Kleberson is a guy that continues to get acclimated here, we're trying to get him to a point where he can play more minutes. We're not going to push that... he hasn't played a full 90 minutes in a... long time. We're very happy with Kleberson."
  • "Gabe's a little different. He has been important to our team... moved into the midfield this year and there's more competition there."
  • "That field," Hack referring to Foxboro, was tough for Kleberson to play on (referring to turf). Didn't want to push him on it.
  • "Keon has, in a lot of ways, been" one of the better players this year. Hack singing his praises in regard to technique, etc.
  • "Might come down to it," in regard to Keon vs Kleberson in the starting lineup. Hack shying away from making that the presser storyline.
  • "I wouldn't say we got it right," against NER, "but I certainly wouldn't say we got it wrong."
  • "Our defense has been a strong point this year. It hasn't been one of our issues. We have to... stay more compact and close down passing lanes better. In the last two games, specifically, those have been the problems."
  • Hack talking about potentially of components of the back five. Still thinks they can continue to grow into better players.
  • "We're actively trying to find a solution for Baky and the Philadelphia Union. Baky's been a good professional in every aspect. He's still available for selection and as of right now he's still a member [of the Union]."
  • Hack says he has no clue where any reports of the Union offering Soumare are coming from. Didn't deny anything, but didn't allude to anything.
  • Hackworth praised the training staff, says no injuries to speak of (unless I misunderstood him).
  • "Danny has been one of our more effective players." Says Opta stats say that. "One of our more effective players in possession. One of our more creative players... Aside from that, he brings it every single game. He's the type of player you need in this league to be successful."
  • Hack says he has speed, but it's mostly his competitive drive that sets him apart. Doesn't know if there questions about his X11 selection.
  • "Danny is very effective in stretching opposing defenses and getting behind them."
  • "When I look at the numbers... his effectiveness in his touches are significantly better" than the rest of the midfield "right now."
  • When asked about why Keon Daniel was dropping back so deep in the midfield, Hackworth said that it was "something we'll address in the coming weeks."