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Poetry Corner Kicks: Revolution 2 - Union 0

Boston Strong proves quite the motivator.

Diego Fagundez' mohawk was Boston Strong
Diego Fagundez' mohawk was Boston Strong

I should know better than to get my hopes up. It was a game the Union should have won, or at least tied. The opponent was battered, bruised, and emotionally wrung out. The Union had the league’s leading scorer and had been looking better recently. But after their flat performance, the Union were left with nothing to show for their trip.

For a long time players and fans were asking for some line-up stability, and I suppose you get what you ask for. Coach Hackworth seems set on his line-up for better or for worse. During the game thread here on the Brotherly Game, commenter "nagjs1" said this in a moment of clarity, "The Union are going to have to lose a few matches in a row to get Hackworth to change the lineup, aren’t they?" We’ll see. But for now, we are left to look at the loss and see what can be done to get a better result next week at home against Seattle. And now the recap ...


The Union had a chance to win two road games in a row
New England had a chance to say that they would not lie low
The Union could not find the net, their shots would go all wrong
New England bolstered by the crowd and chants of Boston Strong
Both opponents for the half would ping-pong back and forth
A motivated hosting club brought their attacking force
First Kelyn Rowe would miss point blank and cause the fans to groan
Then Gaddis gave the ball away to Fagundez who was stoned
Marfan got a shot away but had it punched aside
While Shuttleworth was on his game, the Union were denied
A perfect pass from Marfan to a streaking Danny Cruz
Extinguished by a goalie who made sure he would not lose
Fagundez started off the goals in minute sixty-one
The Revs, the team of destiny, would not be outgunned
Hoppenot would cross to Jack who could not punch it in
The Revs then doubled up their lead, the goal would come from Nguyen
Though down by two the U would try to find a way to score
Alas the task they tried to pass was much too hard a chore