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Poetry Corner Kicks: Red Bulls 2 - Union 1

PCK marvels at Thierry Henry and wonders about a curse.

An evil person puts a curse on the Union as they enter the arena.
An evil person puts a curse on the Union as they enter the arena.

Move along folks, nothing to see here, at least nothing that we haven’t seen before. Just another loss at Red Bull Arena. I don’t put much stock in hexes (unless I’m cheering for the USMNT), but are we looking at a curse here? We can’t seem to buy a win at this venue. I wonder if they sell Red Bull Arena Voodoo dolls. I should buy one and put pins in it.

It was a bit of a sloppily defended game for the Union, but they somehow managed to stick around until the end. It’s also pretty amazing to see how Henry electrifies not only a crowd, but his team. When he starts a match you don’t see the difference as much, but because he was a second half sub in this game, the change in excitement and expectation for the team and crowd was palpable. I will never cheer for the Red Bulls, but even I will admit that it was pretty cool to see. On with the recap ...

Hoping for a win and redemption on the pitch
The Red Bulls came to play before their season came unhitched
Philly came in strong with six points upon the board
But could not add another as a loss was their award
The score was zero-zero as the game entered the half
The second frame would tell the final story of this match
Soon in minute fifty-five Dax would take his shot
Which put the Red Bulls in the lead and broke the tie of naughts
But soon the Union would erase the cries of victory
When Conor’s head found Sheanon’s toss in minute sixty-three
With shouts of "Henry!" from the crowd, he did not disappoint
His bike attempt would miss but it electrified the joint
Still the game was sitting tied but this was far from done
For Henry showed a touch of class in minute eighty-one
First his right leg then his left to score the final goal
The Union were now down by one and couldn’t gain control
A late attempt by Casey and young Hoppenot’s fleet feet
Brought a waived-off goal and a card made it complete
The Union cannot get a point in Harrison, New Jersey
Will they ever win in there, or is it just a curse-y?