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Poetry Corner Kicks: D.C. United 2 - Union 3

Poetry Corner Kicks sings the praises of gluttony in the Union's latest win.

The Union players get in line and wait their turn to score.
The Union players get in line and wait their turn to score.

"Gluttony" is considered by many to be one of the "seven deadly sins". But after an offensive burst like the Union displayed this past week, I’m a glutton for more. As a fan, your team can never score "too many" goals. A two goal lead is never safe, but the Union were able to hold on to this one without passing up on the points. So make a glutton of yourself as you watch Jack’s rise up the scoring charts and view his weekly highlights. You can never get your fill when your team is winning.

"Hope is a subtle glutton"
As Dickinson once phrased
Jack Mac’s rise and three points gained
Can set one’s hopes ablaze
The Union gorged themselves at first
With goals scored in the bunches
The Black and Red could not keep up
While the Union stole their lunches
Jack would start the feast while slicing
Straight through D.C.’s D
The two defenders let him through
Like Moses’ Red Sea
Casey’s goal soon followed after
Jack Mac’s appetizer
United scored their first as well
But not an equalizer
After William’s super-throw
The U would find pay dirt
Jack would beat Hamid again
Serving up dessert
Pajoy hit the final goal:
The score was three to two
Keon tried to build the lead
But could not push it through
The fans were stuffed from all the goals
And satisfied for sure
But being fans with appetites
We’ll always ask for more
The U lost the possession game
And made much fewer passes
But in the end they won the match
And beat United’s ________