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Union Reportedly Asked Adu To Cut His Pay By 75 Percent

Steven Goff, of the Washington Post, reported that a source told him the Union wanted Freddy Adu to take a pay cut of over $400,000.

Drew Hallowell

Freddy Adu's contract situation was quite one sided, in favor of the Philadelphia Union's front office, until the player spoke out through Alexi Lalas on ESPN's broadcast of the Portland Timbers-New York Red Bull. Through a statement released to ESPN, Adu detailed, tersely, his desire to return to the field and play in MLS, whether with the Union or a different team.

Adu's situation began with head coach John Hackworth announcing to media that the player would not see the field for the team unless he took a pay cut. Details of demands on both sides were not revealed at any point, until now.

The Soccer Insider, Steven Goff of the Washington Post, reported today that the Union were demanding a pay cut of up to 75 percent in order to essentially reactive Adu as part of the team's roster. Last season Adu made around $519,000, meaning that a pay cut of that size would take his 2012 salary down to $129,750.

He noted, however, that this was a single source. Goff went on to say that Adu had left his Philadelphia apartment and moved back home to Maryland, near Washington, D.C.

Meantime, Adu cleared out his Philadelphia apartment last month and returned to Rockville, Md., to rejoin family. (His brother Fro is a volunteer assistant coach at alma mater George Mason University and a club coach for the Virginia Soccer Association in western Prince William County.) Freddy is working out regularly with a professional trainer to maintain fitness in hope of a fresh opportunity.

As of right now, the Union cannot buyout Adu's contract beause the contract guarantee date has passed, meaning that he affects the team's salary at a rate of around $380,000 and also takes up a roster spot, despite not playing or participating in club functions.