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Poetry Corner Kicks: Revolution 0 - Union 1

Poetry Corner Kicks looks at an "unpoetic" win against the Revolution. Emphasis on "win."

Jack McInerney tries to add some ballet to class up an otherwise ugly game.
Jack McInerney tries to add some ballet to class up an otherwise ugly game.

What can one write about this game? There certainly weren’t very many "poetic" moments from this game played in almost every conceivable element of weather. Sloppy weather and sloppy play combined for a sloppy win, but honestly, the Union will take it. Who would have thought that going into the Red Bulls (0-1-2) game that their records would be the inverse of each other in favor of the Union (2-1-0)? It is still early and the Union have only beaten Colorado and New England so far, but even those were games that would have been lost last year. On to the (brief) recap ...

From the sky fell snow and rain
To drench the field of this campaign
Both teams riding high from wins
Who last year took it on the chin

Cruz would take it on the head
But blocked a chance upon his net
A game of misses, that’s for sure
Like Lahoud’s in minute thirty-four

MacMath got big in thirty-five
When stopping Bengtson’s scary drive
New England’s shanks close to the end
Almost tied the game for them

Jack it was who scored the goal
That brought the win in sleet and cold
At first ‘twas saved by Shuttleworth
But, rebounded, a chance unearthed

Right place at the right time, he
Made sure his strike was guaranteed
Six points from their first three tries
The boys in blue are riding high

Just one Farfan in the match
More shots bobbled by MacMath
How long will Cruz be MIA
A win, but questions still remain