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Poetry Corner Kicks: Rapids 1 - Union 2

Interesting tactics, more hair for set pieces, and wind fouls. Another day at the office for Poetry Corner Kicks.

Okugo is growing his hair to help with height on set pieces.  Good for Okugo.
Okugo is growing his hair to help with height on set pieces. Good for Okugo.

How about that? The Union make their first three-pointer of the year. There were some interesting tactics employed by manager John Hackworth, but I was glad to see that Amobi Okugo’s plan of growing his hair longer to gain a few more inches on corner kicks is working well. It’s probably too early to say that this was a must win for the Union, but after the way last season, the offseason, and the home opener all went, a win was needed to instill a bit of confidence into the team. We’ll see how long it carries over! On to the recap ...

The snows of Colorado came to call
And caused delays for players, fans, and all
But this was just a technicality
For Union players there to grab all three
Then Brian Mullan, much to his chagrin
Was fouled by wind who kicked him in the shin
Some chances for both teams were duly thwarted
By McInerney and the Rapid’s woodwork
Then two things that had not for long been seen
Transpired to put the Union in the lead:
Le Toux had placed his corner with control
And the Union from a set piece scored a goal
But Marfan was denied a chance to double
Then Jamie Smith would score to cause some trouble
Young Hoppenot was seen to bob and weave
And saw a McInerney there to feed
So with a perfect pass through ‘fenders’ feets
Jack Mack would score to make the win complete
Three points would go in favor of the U
Let’s hope this means good things for boys in blue