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Poetry Corner Kicks: Sporting Kansas City 3 - Union 1

PCK returns for another year of rhyming recap. PCK is also trying to find new ways to rhyme with the word "loss".

At least the Union won in the "Kit" category.
At least the Union won in the "Kit" category.
Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back MLS! Poetry Corner Kicks has missed writing recaps of Union losses, so it’s good to be back in the saddle again. In fairness, the Union didn’t look "3-1" bad. Yes there were breakdowns, but overall, they looked like an improved team. One for 17 needs to change though. Especially when you see other teams (cough-Galaxy-cough) going four for 19. But while this game wasn't easy on the eyes, that new kit sure is. If I played for SKC, I'd trade jerseys with a Union player just so I could wear that one! On with the recap ...

On Saturday March second, two thousand and thirteen
The Union took the field against a gifted SKC
The first kick of the year for the MLS machine
Took place at PPL where the fans had all convened

The story was a fairytale for Union fans at first
Seba scored the first one, like it had been rehearsed
So many chances came as if the shooting dam had burst
But none would find the mark and their mojo was reversed

Zusi found the net to bring them level with the U
The score was tied at one which meant the game began anew
The second half was looming ‘gainst the foes in powder blue
As much as Union tried, they just could not break through

With Nieslen standing on his head and closing ev’ry door
Sporting Kansas City would find many ways to score
Rosell and Bieler then would put them up two more
Which caused the guts of Sons of Ben to drop down to the floor

The Union had their chances, even more than SKC
But couldn’t find the netting’s back to any great degree
At least they shot the ball, on that we can agree
But chances do not win the game when finishing’s the key

The Union lost their first; it’s too soon to call it quits
The season’s just beginning and this loss they can acquit
Sporting Kansas City gave the Union defense fits
But one thing we can say- the U had better kits