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Bob Rigby Discloses To The Brotherly Game That He Won't Return In 2013

The former American international goalkeeper and Philadelphia soccer legend told the Brotherly Game that he's no longer a part of the Philadelphia Union.

Courtesy of Bob Rigby

There will officially be more change in the Philadelphia Union for the 2013 Major League Soccer season, as television color commentator Bob Rigby will not return to the team.

Rigby, 61, confirmed reports by the Philly Soccer Page and The Goalkeeper of his departure from the Union.

"I'm no longer a part of the Philadelphia Union," Rigby said to the Brotherly Game. Rigby did clarify that it was his decision to end his time with the team.

The Union are expected to release information on the future of the team's television broadcast this month.

A former goalkeeper for three Philadelphia soccer teams during his professional career - the Philadelphia Atoms, the Philadelphia Fury and indoor soccer's Philadelphia Fever - Rigby couldn't remove himself fully from the sport after his retirement and spent time as the head coach of Ridley High School in Pennsylvania.

In an hour long interview, Rigby detailed his progression from out of soccer to television broadcaster for a professional soccer team. He also covered what he thinks his future might be.

The Brotherly Game will follow up this article with a future article, or two, based on the full interview with Rigby.