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Poetry Corner Kicks: U.S. 1 - Honduras 2

PCK returns to give the highlights (or lowlights) of the USMNT's first Hex game.

Juan Carlos Garcia brought his bike to the game.  Is that fair?
Juan Carlos Garcia brought his bike to the game. Is that fair?
Mike Ehrmann

Welcome back to Poetry Corner Kicks. It’s been a bit of an offseason for me, but it has certainly been interesting watching the evolution of the Union and the development of the USMNT. Our first recap of the New Year centers on the first Hex game for the United States. Which, to be magnanimous, went rather poorly. Aside from a beautifully struck ball from Dempsey, things got ugly. Call me naïve, but I thought the United States would get out of Honduras with at least one point. Turns out the defense for the Red White and Blue had other plans. Now the PCK recap...

LD out but Dempsey in
Klinsmann shouting for the win
Bradley plays the Mid King-Pin
The players were all there

Some were old and some were new
All were wearing Red, White, Blue
This was who we hoped came through
For U.S. fans in waiting

As is normal for this team
Howard played a game extreme
Hoping that his play redeemed
A defense that was failing

‘gainst the grain a Dempsey goal
Shot from yonder grassy knoll
Put the U.S. in control
But only for a bit

Soon there came a perfect strike
Juan Garcia brought his bike
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The score was fin’ly knotted

Both sides pinging to and fro
Hit shots, missed shots, none would go
Bengtson then dealt the death blow
And sent the U.S. reeling

Outplayed by the Catrachos
U.S. "D" was quite exposed
Many ills to diagnose
Let’s hope they get it fixed

Chandler now is Yankee tied
That’s the good news to provide
Now we must brush this aside
And learn for Costa Rica