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All I want for Christmas is ...

In the spirit of Christmas we decided to have the staff here at The Brotherly Game finish this sentence. This is what they said.

Clive Brunskill

One thing that you need to know about the staff at The Brotherly Game is that we are a tight knit group that never takes ourselves too seriously. So when I posted the question "All I want for Christmas is _____", it was only fitting to get all types of responses. I separated the answers into 3 categories.

Please don't take us too seriously, we're only trying to have a good time for the holidays.

Some of the more serious answers went with on the field needs.

  • Barry Evans: 3 left footers and a creative midfielder.
  • Heather Reppert: A forward that can strike from outside of the box and a creative Midfielder.
  • Frank Cobbina: Some talented midfielders
  • William Murphy: 8 quality players and 2 DPs
  • Matt Ralph: Creativity added to the midfield, a left back and a backup goalkeeper who will seriously challenge MacMath for a starting spot.
  • Matt Reppert: An actual player signing that makes the team much better

Some went for the jugular and didn't mince words.

  • Andrew Stoltzfus: To be appointed general manager
  • Eryin Wandel: A new owner.
  • Eugene Rupinski: An idea of what the Union is doing.
  • Phil Schwarz: Peter Nowak back in charge
  • Nicholas D. Youngstein: MLS Cup. Maybe Santa can just gift it to us since this inept Front Office will never put an actual championship team together.
  • Doop Cast: Some ambition from the FO.
  • John Rossi: A direction.

And of course, we have the fashion conscious and jokesters

  • Justin F.: Hackworth's two front teeth
  • Dan Kenworthy: A Booze Cruz
  • Ed Welsh: A better set of scarves release by the team next season.
  • Rich Ransom: The new kit to not look terrible.

Wishing you all the best of the holiday season - whatever holidays you're celebrating. - The Brotherly Game