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Poetry Corner Kicks - The Night Before Christmas

Poetry Corner Kicks - The night before Christmas

A midfielder who can provide service is on this guy's Christmas list.
A midfielder who can provide service is on this guy's Christmas list.
Jonathan Daniel

Greetings fellow Brotherly Gamers and happy holidays from Poetry Corner Kicks!

Twas the night before Christmas and through PPL
The air was still thick with some player farewells
The stockings that covered the shin guards and shins
Were hung and were ready for future games’ wins

For staff and the players the season has fled
While visions of trophies still dance in their heads
With Hack in his office and Sak in his too
They tried to go sign an offseason coup

I looked at the roster to see who we had
And to my surprise, it wasn’t too bad
A core of some youngsters to grow with the team
And veteran players to guide the machine

Okugo! MacMath! Sheanon Williams and Cruz!
Gaddis and Parke! And Carroll! Le Toux!
Fabinho and Casey and Jack McInern’!
These players remain, but will they return?

Our goalie is growing in minding the coop
The defense is young but a promising group
The forwards are decent but need better service
A massive midfielder’s our target for purchase

While making his rounds, will Santa come near
And bring us the players we need for next year?
John Hackworth and Sakiewicz wait for St. Nick
To open his bag and pull out the fix

With Kleberson gone from the team in a hurry
And Farfan to Mexico flew in a flurry
Who in the midfield will bring the team home
The playoffs can’t rest on the young Corben Bone

So we wait for the jolly old elf-man in red
To bring us the players and put us ahead
Our hope is that Santa brings playoff delight
As he shouts "Merry Christmas, to all a good night!"