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The 12 Days of Christmas - 2013 Union Edition

Egg Nog is a powerful motivator. We spread a little humor and holiday cheer. Enjoy


Welcome to the holiday season. The off season is in full swing, dradels are spinning and the stockings are hung by the chimney with care all around the Unionverse. We here at the Brotherly Game decided to bring some of our holiday cheer to you. After a spot of late night revelry and entirely too little egg in our nog, a classic Christmas tune was co opted as a retrospective of the Union's 2013 campaign.

So after a little (read as: almost none) editing. and tongue planted firmly in cheek we present to you our version of:

The 12 Days of Christmas - The 2013 Union Edition:

On the first day of Christmas the Union gave to me

One more early offseason

This year the Union missed the playoffs for a second consecutive season after a very promising start. As far a rebuilding years go, this was not the worst but it was hard not to be disappointed with the outcome.

On the second day of Christmas the Union gave to me

2 blown games

Admittedly there may have been more but it was impossible to forget the way the Union snatched defeat from the jaws of victory against the Montreal Impact and the thrashing they received at the hands of I 95 corridor rivals New England Revolution.

On the third day of Christmas the Union gave to me:

3 same subs

Hackworth was nothing if not predictable with his substitutions in 2013.

On the fourth day of Christmas the Union gave to me:

4 for the back line

Probably the highlight of the 2013 season was the development of a solid back four. The biggest issue was defensive depth. When an injured Le Toux becomes your back up right back, it may be time to add some defensive depth.

On the fifth day of Christmas the Union gave to me:


Yes grammar made way for the sheer alliteration of that line, but what exactly is the plural of Danny Cruz? Cruzes? Crew? Regardless, who wouldn't want five of them?

On the sixth day of Christmas the Union gave to me:

6 waived players

The roster clear out by the Union this year was bordering on Nowackian. John Hackworth issues more pink slips then Scrooge on a bender.

On the seventh day of Christmas the Union gave to me:

7 draft picks

The Union have seven picks in the first three rounds of the 2014 MLS Super Draft.

On the eighth day of Christmas the Union gave to me:

8 "hustle stats"

If you are puzzled by exactly what a "hustle stat" is, see the fifth day of Christmas

On the ninth day of Christmas the Union gave too me:

9 refs to blame

Always the favorite scapegoat of fans, MLS referees came under their fair share of fire from coaches as well, including Hackworth.

On the tenth day of Christmas the Union gave to me:

10 games with a man advantage

The Union were specialists at getting opposition layers sent off in 2013. The real shame was their inability to capitalize on the frequent advantage.

On the eleventh day of Christmas the Union gave to me:

11 allocation trades

Ok this was more of a Nowak thing, but hey....Nog!

On the twelfth day of Christmas the Union gave to me:

12 Thank U emails

The emails came fast and furious in 2013. There was hardly a day that passed without being thanked by the U. We get it, you appreciate your fans.

Enjoy and we hope that no matter what or how you celebrate this holiday season, that your holidays are filled with merriment and joy.

The Twelve days of Christmas, 2013 Union edition

12 Thank U emails
11 Allocation trades
10 games with man advantage
9 refs to blame
8 Hustle stats
7 draft picks
6 waived players
4 for the backline
3 same subs
2 blown games and
one more early offseason

How did we do? Have a Union holiday song of your own? Feel free to write it as a holiday fan post or leave us a comment below.