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Who Will It Be This Week?

As the 2nd Stage of the Re-entry Draft draws near, who will the Union have in mind?


Heath Pearce (New York Red Bulls; $340,746)

Pearce is a versatile defender who has appeared for the U.S. Men's National Team 35 times. He's a natural left back, but can also play as a center back if need be. He's coming off season-ending surgery on his hip that he claims has been bothering him for years. Pearce, 29, hasn't played since being operated on in late June, and no one knows what kind of shape he's in. He could be a good pick-up if he's willing to lower his salary substantially, as no one would be willing to pay nearly $350k for a banged-up veteran. I'm not a fan of this move, as I believe that Pearce is pricey and past his prime, but the Union might consider him to be the answer at left back.

Brandon Barklage (New York Red Bulls; $71,128.54)

Barklage is capable of playing at either fullback or wide midfield spot. At $71k, he wouldn't require much negotiating, as that figure is pretty reasonable. Hack loves tough guys that he can plug into multiple positions, and Barklage certainly fits the bill. If he makes it to the Union's pick, don't be surprised if they snatch him up for his extraordinary hustle stats and Philly Toughness.

Corey Hertzog (Vancouver Whitecaps; $60,670.67)

The Union attempted to sign Hertzog to a Homegrown Player contract before he entered the 2011 SuperDraft, but MLS did not allow them to. He made his first MLS start just this season, but only managed to score one goal. Hertzog started five more games after that, but failed to find the net again. In early August, he was loaned out to FC Edmonton of the NASL. He only scored two goals in thirteen appearances with the Eddies, but gained some experience playing on the left side. Hertzog is a speedy forward, but is also comfortable playing out on the flanks. He's a versatile player with Philly roots (Well, not really, but don't tell Hackworth that), and, at his price tag, the Union would certainly be willing to take a flyer on him, if only to be able to pepper in "Philly Tough" a few more times at the weekly press conference.

Daniel Woolard (DC United; $100,000)

Woolard has started in 73 league games for DC United since joining them in 2011. He's known as a hardworking left back, but did play at center back on a number of occasions last season. He is the man with blood all over his face in the picture at the top of this article. Hackworth would sign him based on that picture alone.

Alex Dixon (Houston Dynamo; $54,612)

Dixon has spent three seasons in MLS, all with the Dynamo. The speedy winger played under Hackworth on the U.S. U17s in 2007, and played for Reading United in 2010. The Union staff should know Dixon well, and we know how much they like familiarity.

Michael Videira (Chicago Fire; $47,125)

Videira is a natural central midfielder, but he's spent some time as a full back since joining Chicago in 2011. He played for the U.S. U17s in 2003, when Hackworth was an assistant.