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Paid Their Dues: Bahia To Cut Adu

Adu will be released from the Brazilian club that he joined just over half a year ago.

Drew Hallowell

Freddy Adu and his denim vests must now find a new home. Lance!Net in Brazil are reporting that Esporte Clube Bahia will not renew Adu's contract, which is set to expire at the end of the year. Since joining the Brazilian club back in April, Adu hasn't even donned that tricolored jersey for a total of an hour. In that time, Adu hasn't managed to record a goal or an assist. Bahia is Freddy's ninth professional club.

That Lance!Net article says that Adu was brought in to help boost the club's brand, but recently, fans of the club could not tell you what team he played for. Adu was once declared "the next Pelé," and, ironically, with his once-promising career in shambles, transferred to the league where the Brazilian legend made a name for himself. Now, Adu has the opportunity to draw another parallel between himself and Pelé. Rumors are circulating that Adu could head to the New York Cosmos, Pelé's former club. While these rumors have almost no basis in reality, it will probably happen, because of course it will.

While some may dislike Adu because of his play, attitude, or dance moves (don't hate), it's always sad to see a kid with such potential fall so far. Adu is *still* only 24, and he could still turn his career around. Though he's known for creeping on ladies at Xfinity Live, tweeting in support of the Redskins, or making uncomfortable porn references on various social media websites, he can still ball out. If he can finally accept that he's not going to be THE guy on every team he plays for, he might be able to be an asset for whichever team he ends up with. Though we're not sure where he's heading next, we know that wherever he goes, he will entertain.