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Let us pause, and give thanks.

Now that Thanksgiving is upon us, let's take a moment to... pass the green bean casserole, please.

Brian Garfinkel

Well, here we are. Thanksgiving. That time of year when we give thanks to all of the things that we hold dear to us. And for some of us, the beautiful game is near the top of the list. The offseason is in full swing, and while our talented staff here at Brotherly Game is busy giving you year end player profiles, seasonal reviews, and expectations for the upcoming season, I have decided to give you a list of some of the things to be thankful for this year.

Family. First and foremost, I am thankful for my entire family. If you don't include the family first, issue yourself a yellow card, and redo the list. Without your family, you really do have nothing. So yes, family is everything.

Friends. Your friends are the ones who stick by you through thick and thin. And, they are the first ones to tell you when you are wrong. These people will be there, so be thankful.

Your pets. After a tough Union loss, there is nothing like coming home to pet the dog. Try it next season. You'll like it.

Parades. Come on people. It's a giant Kermit the Frog! Look!

Turkey. No explanation needed.

Football. Yes. this is a soccer blog. But some of us are throw ball fans too. The holiday is not complete without people crushing each others skulls in.

Beet salad. Ok, since i'm the only one here writing today, i'm including the beet salad that my wife is making for our feast later. So I'm thankful for her beet salad.

Alcohol. If not used properly, this stuff can have members of your family be issued multiple red cards. Or better yet, turn your Thanksgiving celebration into a full blown steel cage match. Use with caution.

The Sons of Ben. If it wasn't for a few guys hanging out in a pub, we wouldn't have a team to cheer and scream at. I am certainly thankful for the Sons of Ben.

The Philadelphia Union. This is your team. Be thankful that they are here. March is just around the corner.

The Brotherly Game. A group simply comprised by some of the most talented people I know. It is simply a pleasure working with all of them. So Happy Thanksgiving to everyone of you.

And finally...

You. Our readers. Thank you for your support. We are grateful.

So with that, on behalf of the entire staff and their families...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.