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A Year in Review: Keon Daniel

Simply put, Keon Daniel wasn’t that good this past season.


Keon Daniel


2013 Stats – 0 Goals, 1 Assist, 27 Shots, 5 Shots on Goal, 4 yellows and no red cards in 1,721 Minutes played, also appeared in 24 games starting 20 of them.

Salary - $80,004 Base Salary / $80,004 Guaranteed Compensation

Review of 2013 Performance – Simply put, Keon Daniel wasn’t that good this past season. His paltry stats attest to that. He often appeared lethargic and unable to properly link the midfield to the attack. Daniel became one of the focal points of fan rage and one of the faces for the Union’s lack of production during the season. Hackworth’s continued loyalty to Daniel despite numerous calls for his benching only further enraged many in the fan base. However, a sign that Daniel’s time with the first team could be ending came during the October 12th match at D.C. United, as he was subbed at the 45th minute - a huge departure from John Hackworth’s usual method of subbing players out.

Expectations for 2014 – It would be a surprise if Keon Daniel is still with the Union by the time the 2014 season kicks off. If he is, I expect him to be a sub option brought in to use his larger size to try and play a more possession oriented game in order to help protect a lead. Nothing more.