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Year in review: Sheanon Williams

Sheanon Williams posted career numbers in nearly all statistical categories leading to a successful 2013 season, but will he be back in blue and gold in 2014?


Sheanon Williams
Right Back


Minutes Played: 2867
Appearances: 32
Games Started:32
Goals: 2
Assists: 8
Shots: 14
Shots on Goal: 3
Fouls Committed: 42
Yellow Cards: 6
Red Cards: 1

Performance Evaluation: For a purely statistical standpoint, Williams outdid his previous totals in goals, assists, minutes, and matched his previous highs in appearances and games started. On the other hand he also had career highs in Fouls Committed, Yellow cards, and continued his string of a red card each year. His number of shots on goal decrease from 6 last year to 3 this year, but with an extra goal to his credit, it is impressive to see him taking advantage of fewer opportunities.

Outside of the stats, he is still an invaluable member of this squad. Ray Gaddis is emerging as a first team quality right back option, but Williams adds a level of versatility that Gaddis does not have, being able to fill in at center back when needed. Playing on the same flank as Danny Cruz for most of the season is no easy task. He was also given the task of overlapping down the right wing to add to the attack. His throw-ins remain one of the most dangerous parts of the Union attack and with a forward of Conor Casey's heading ability there could be many more assists in Williams' future.

What to expect next year: The Union front office have a huge decision to make regarding Williams and Gaddis. It is very tough to keep two very good players for the same position in MLS with the limited budget and salary. Will the Union choose to keep Gaddis at left back and keep both players, or will the front office see dollar signs and look to offload one of them to fill other holes in the roster? That will be one of the biggest questions this off-season. I would hate to see the Union backline without him, but those are the tough decisions that will need to be made by Hackworth and Company in the next few months.