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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from Week 32

Optimism is growing again after back-to-back wins from the Union, but it's not all rainbows and unicorns for the blue and gold. Who gets the spotlight for their positive and negative impacts on the Union this week?

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Good

Plain and simple, this week's good is the win.

The Union needed to win on Saturday. There was no other result that would have been acceptable against one of the worst in the league. The Union had given up the first goal both previous games against TFC and something had to change. It may have taken a red card to wake the team up, numerous Ray Gaddis high speed rundowns at the back, and a late stoppage time killer strike from Kleberson, but the U got the W.

That key three points keeps the last playoff spot in Philly and means that a win against DC and losses by both Chicago and New England would open up a 5 point difference between the Union and missing the playoffs with one 6 possible points remaining. That would be some pretty good odds.

The Bad

Despite some great play as of late, the title of The Bad goes to Fabinho and Sheanon Williams this week. Due to suspensions the Union will be without two options at the back, leaving some serious questions to be answered this weekend in DC.

Fabinho's red card was plain stupid. He was thrown to the ground in a very unsoccer like tackle, but his reaction was uncalled for. It was the type of reaction that really puts your teammates in a bad situation. The foul had been called and there was no way the Toronto player was avoiding a card, but Fabinho took the dishing of punishment into his own hands.

Sheanon William's yellow card that will bring on a one game suspension was more at the fault of Amobi Okugo's than of his own. A bad turnover deep in Union territory left Williams with no other option than to attempt a last ditch tackle as Toronto was about to break in on goal. The accumulation of cards was going to catch up sooner or later, and unfortunately it happens in a week when Fabinho will also be sitting out.

The Ugly

Before I get in to this one, I need to point out my honorable mention for ugly. Once again this award could go to John Hackworth for his roster management. He has maintained that Kleberson has not been good enough to crack the starting line up or even get much playing time even off the bench. Yet, with the season on the line it is the right time to bring him on...and he scores an amazing free kick that has to be one of the biggest goals in the short history of the team.

That's a discussion for another day though. This week's ugly goes to Danny Cruz for his absolutely horrendous tackle in the first half.

After losing the ball with a poor touch Cruz flew in to contact with Toronto's Henry. It is the type of play that happens week after week and somehow Cruz escapes real punishment each time. This week he came in with both studs up, behind the play and leaves the defender in a heap. Then at the end of the play, he's got the nerve to complain to the ref about being called for a foul. The Union could have been down a man long before Fabinho's near stomp.

I know this coaching staff loves Cruz's all guns blazing approach to the game. He flies around the field at top speed, forcing defenders to make tough decisions at pace and can whip in a dangerous cross on his good days, but these types of plays are going to get someone seriously hurt and need to stop. I am a fan of the game before I am a fan of any team and the complete disregard for anyone's safety is something that I can't support no matter who is doing it. I would have advocated for a red card for an opponent and I think Cruz deserved the same.

I have said it before and I will say it again, there is absolutely no room in the game for two footed studs up tackles and scissor tackles in the game and it needs to go punished each and every time.