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B&RU Takeover: It's been fun, TBG. This is Black and Red United, signing off.

We had some fun, did some taunting, got taunted back in the comments (at least, as I pre-write this, I'm assuming as much). Thanks to the TBG editors for squaring up on our wager and being great sports.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Well, gentle people of the greater Philadelphia area, this is going to be it for us on your little corner of the internet. We're going to leave it about 90 minutes short and turn the keys back over to your regular programming. No more taunting you about trophies won or not won, historical teams that may or may not outplay your (and frankly, our) present incarnation, or incredibly wordy treatises on your team's history.

Big thanks to Murph for letting us collect on the previous management's wager and letting us have our fun today. I've only known him a short time, but from my interactions with him it's easy to tell TBG is in good hands. And thanks to you readers who put up with us interloping for a while. I'll always cherish those ice balls you threw at my head.

We got to the trophy first... and it only took three years after the original bet was made, before I was formally involved with B&RU, actually. Y'all got rid of Peter Novak and the all-nude uniforms, though, and you're not the Metros, so you've got some good things going for you. (Besides silly stuff like "a really nice stadium" and "lots of promising young talent" I mean). Anyway, thanks for letting us stomp through your garden. This will always be that time we trolled you for a day after our season was effectively over, but now it's back to your regularly scheduled DOOP.

Good luck in the playoff chase. Take good care of Brian Carroll for us. We still kind of miss him sometimes.

Lots of love.