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Poetry Corner Kicks: SKC 2 - Union 1

Poetry Corner Kicks recaps and reflects.

They would cheer to the end.
They would cheer to the end.
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

So that’s that. Another season has come and gone for the Philadelphia Union and again they sit outside of the playoffs. But considering how I felt about the team last year, I feel strangely "okay" with this. They were a much improved side from last year, but in all honesty did not deserve to go to the playoffs. Some fine wins mixed with some confounding losses made for a mixed bag of a season, but also made for quite a ride. Below is the recap of their last game, played against Sporting Kansas City.

The year was surely on the line
Three points were mandatory
But SKC would knuckle down
To close the Union’s story
Though played in friendly confines
With a fan base in full throat
The Union could not find a win
The end a sour note
Dwyer tested early on
His shot just barely wide
The Sons of Ben were wracked with fear
Then heaved collective sighs
The forty-seventh minute brought
A goal from Zusi’s head
All hope would fly from PPL
The U were walking dead
MacMath would keep them in the game
And saved a two-on-one
The Union were still in it and
They tried to make a run
Le Toux would miss a volley chance
Just off was Seba’s touch
Jack would miss a chance as well
At scoring in the clutch
But then in minute eighty-eight
Jack would tie the game
But time was of the essence
So he brushed off the acclaim
MacMath would make a kicking save
Another two-on-one
But then in minute ninety-two
The Union came undone
Olum scored and Philly fans
Knew they had no chance
This is where their season ends
This day they won’t advance
Alas the year is over now
For Hackworth and his crew
A season with its ups and downs
Softly bids adieu