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Weekly Press Conference 10/2 TFC and River Cup

Hackworth warns the team not to TFC lightly and plays some mind games in preparation for this years River Cup

John Hackworth is feeling more confident about the Union's chances of making a post season appearance after the win at Sporting Park. He says that taking Toronto lightly with or without Robert Earnshaw is not an option for a Union side that needs seven to ten points to be able to make their reservations to the post season festivities. He talks about the decisions involved in his recent formation choices and makes at least on telling statement about what he sees as the way the Union are looking to set up for the remainder of the season.

The presser gets broken down and expanded to include a guest or two and the River Cup is discussed. This years River Cup has been expanded to a full day of festivities for the entire family that will culminate in the marquee match between the Sons of Ben and the Union's front office staff.