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Turn the Page

The 2013 season may not have ended as the fans wanted it to, but we are always here to inform and comfort.


I loathe season end sentimental rants by editors thanking all of their readers, and chronicling all the internal minutiae that I never noticed happened in the first place.

So I am going to exactly a very abbreviated form. I will cram all of the sappy stuff into one paragraph, so if you don't care please skip to the next paragraph. I wanted to acknowledge all of the great work that the previous Managing Editor Scott Kessler did to make the Brotherly Game what it is today and hope that we can continue his work. I also want to take a second to acknowledge the staff for all the hard work that they do. If you want to know who they are, just check out the masthead. The transition of our staff from TheUnionDues to the Brotherly Game was quick and unexpected. I think our guys did a great job and that they deserve some recognition for that. I believe we have a great crew and hope you become as enamored with them as I am.

Good or bad, all seasons come to and end and this one is no different. Welcome to the post 2013/ 2014 preseason. Just because the Union will not take the field for a fair few weeks doesn't mean that we will be taking a break from the coverage. We have an entire line up for you. Expect the usual season roundup, some round table discussions, both internally and involving other teams, our yearly awards (which sadly can no longer be called the "Dueseys"). All the coverage that you would expect to be here, will be. Everything from trade rumors to MLS Superdraft. Additionally, we have quite a few tricks up our sleeves. We needed to take a few seconds to breathe after such a whirlwind season for us personally, but we are back and so excited to bring you some great off season content.


While we are on the subject of content. the Brotherly Game needs YOU. We need contributors to fill very specific gaps in our staff. So if you want to be a part of the team and want to know more contact me (Murph) via email.

In the meantime keep licking your wounds and keep your browser trained right here

I also wanted to congratulate the New York Red Bulls on winning the 2013 supporters shield, perhaps it took them longer than it should have, but it's there now and I hope their fans enjoy it, if history serves, it may not be back there again for some time.