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Poetry Corner Kicks: Impact 2 - Union 1

Poetry Corner Kicks recognizes the sound of a toilet flushing.

At least one guy is still trying.
At least one guy is still trying.
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, the Philadelphia Union were never in contention for the playoffs. From day one, the wheels came off and the rest of the year was spent trying to pick up the pieces. If someone had told me that the very next year the Union would technically still be alive for the playoffs going into the last week of the season, I would have taken it, probably even with a smile. That is the position the Union find themselves in going into their last match of the regular season. The loss against the Montreal Impact was huge and for all intents and purposes squashed any hopes of the playoffs. But nonetheless, here they stand with a mathematical chance of extending their season. On to the recap!

Both teams desperate for a win
The Impact in a home tailspin
The U would take it on the chin
And lose while on the road

Chances traded for a bit
Saved by goalie’s padded mitts
Or shot wide and causing fits
Until a goal bestowed

Fabinho shot from wide of net
A shot that should be saved and yet
Perkins could not stop the threat
The U had cracked the code

Soon the second half would start
The Impact played with much more heart
The Union played like a stale fart
Their progress had been slowed

Di Vaio then would score his goal
To bring his team out of the hole
The Union side lost all control
And started to implode

The final dagger in the U
Came when Ouimette, right on cue,
Scored to make it 1 to 2
And protect their home abode

The Union have just one more game
They only have themselves to blame
Their playoff hopes, shot down in flames
Were flushed down the commode