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Poetry Corner Kicks: D.C. United 1 - Union 1

PCK looks for the silver lining.

The sliver lining without a shirt on.
The sliver lining without a shirt on.
Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sport

Every cloud has a silver lining.  That’s what I keep telling myself.  The Philadelphia Union desperately needed a win over last place D.C. United and came up with a loss tie.  It could have been worse, but it also should have been better.  The silver lining to this rain cloud comes in the form of Jack McInerney getting off the schneid.  Over the course of his drought we saw some shots from him that looked destined to score only to be thwarted last minute.  Even in this game his bad luck continued (see the save by Hamid in the 83 minute).  But he finally broke through.  The Union are currently out of playoff positioning, they aren’t scoring much, and they have two tough games to end the season.  So we look for a silver lining because that’s the only thing that Union fans can do right now.  On with the recap!

The U would need a win to keep their playoff hopes alive
A loss or tie would hurt so bad their hopes would take a dive
Their defense needed mending ‘cause of Fab and Sheanon’s cards
Le Toux was forced to start and play a role in the rear guard
As play wore on the fans could see the U were uninspired
So DeLeon would show the U just what a goal required
He cracked his shot from distance and it zipped by Zac MacMath
The U just stood there watching as the ball flew on its path
You’d think the goal would cause the U to fight with all their might
Alas they could not get the win on this most rainy night
A moment with some levity was brought by goalie Zac
He ventured out too far from goal to stop D.C.’s attack
So Conor Doyle beat MacMath and left him giving chase
But Zac would slide to knock it clear and save himself some face
When minute ninety struck the clock it seemed that all was lost
Until Jack Mac looked up and saw a curling Kleber-cross
He saw his chance and with a leap into the air he soared
His aim was true and found the net, the U had fin’lly scored
The Philadelphia Union are below the Thin Red Line
Us fans are left to hope and pray the soccer gods will shine