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Mid Week Presser: October 11

Hackworth reacts to being overlooked as Philadelphia's longest serving head coach

In this weeks presser, Hackworth talks about being "pissed off" at being overlooked by the Philly mainstream media as being Philadelphia's longest serving head coach.

He answers some questions about the Williams and Fabinho suspensions and the conundrum of who to play in defense.. Hack reveals that the club had decided not appeal the Fabinho red card.

He defends MLS over not scheduling around international matches. States the importance of this match and advises against taking this game for granted. He admits that DC United may be fueled by some fringe players "playing for contracts".

He chats a bit about Kleberson saying that "he hits that kind of free kick in training a lot" and the "(he) is happy for him" He points to the record of the Union when Kleberson had started games.

He clarifies that Oka is a player first and foremost and that his role is to compete for a first team place and sings the praises Brian Carroll