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Poetry Corner Kicks: SKC 0 - Union 1

Who could predict a win for the Union?

The Union's win was foretold.
The Union's win was foretold.
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Who saw that one coming?  It wasn’t the prettiest game played this weekend, but in a way, it was beautiful:  a win for the Philadelphia Union on the road against a very good Sporting Kansas City.  Finally something went right.  It would take a prescient mind indeed to foresee this result.  Luckily, prior to the game, I went to such a mind and below is the future that they foretold.  Rather uncanny if you ask me...

Come in dear child and I will tell the future that I see
For the team from Philly who will play at SKC
The game will not be pretty with the stats against the U
But do not fear for now I see a win come into view
Benny will cause trouble as he tests the young MacMath
But Zac will play his "A" game and the Sporting hopes will crash
Misses by Dom Dwyer and some saves on Zusi too
Will nullify the pressure coming from the powder blue
In minute thirty-six will come the Union’s winning tally
Casey’s goal will hold until the game hits its finale
Nielsen’s save on Farfan will keep the lead at one
Alas for Sporting KC fans this game is all but done
The stats will favor Sporting as they shoot for top of table
But Philly finds a win to show the world that they are able
I see you doubt my Sight dear child, you wonder "could this be?"
Just wait until the whistle blows and watch on NBC