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Freddy Adu Saga: Live Thread, Commentary On Monday's Adu Events

The Brotherly Game will cover everything involving what will happen to Freddy Adu during Monday, January 21, 2013, when head coach John Hackworth is slated to give a press conference on the player's future.

Paul Frederiksen-US PRESSWIRE

If John Hackworth holds to his word, the world will know more about the status of Freddy Adu at some point today.

Presumably during today's Open Practice at the Youth Sports Complex, located in Wayne, PA, Hackworth will discuss the progress of the Philadelphia Union's plans for trying to part ways with Freddy Adu at a press conference. Despite a long history, in a short period of time, of cutting off ties with some notable names, Adu will by far end up as the most well known - and most controversial - of any departure in Union antiquity.

Whatever the press conference discloses, we'll be here at the Brotherly Game covering it live (or as fast as possible at the Youth Sports Complex car broke down, so it appears that won't happen) through articles and the comments section here, plus the live story stream we've set up as the focal point of our front page layout.

Sit back, relax and wait for the fireworks. There will probably be a lot.