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Hackworth: "Next Step" Is "To Sell Or Loan" Freddy Adu

The Philadelphia Union head coach made it clear in a letter to fans that Adu was not part of the future of the team.

Victor Decolongon

Transparency is not something that those in the Philadelphia Union media and fan community are accustomed to experiencing. Head coach John Hackworth's decision to inform fans about the team's offseason activities has raised questions by some about revealing his transfer hand, but at the same time it showed off the fact that the tesm jas a plan and place.

As part of the rather open and personable letter, Hackworth touched on the ongoing saga involving Freddy Adu's future with the Union. Hackworth gave the world notice that the club was actively seeking a way to move Adu to his ninth team in as many years.

Much like Carlos, this was also a conversation that started before the end of last season. Basically, to make a very long story short, we presented Freddy with an option to come back and play for the Philadelphia Union. However, Freddy chose to stick with his current contract, which was not an option we were willing to accept. At the moment, Freddy has not been sold nor loaned and he continues to be our player, but in reality, while we are paying his salary and while we have his rights - he is not a part of our plans going forward. We have a number of challenges because of moves we have made in the past couple of years that affect us long term and frankly, Freddy Adu is a major one. The next step for him is one that we have been trying to work on since October, which is to see if there is a viable option to sell or loan him that makes sense for our organization and for Freddy.

Hackworth will reveal more about the situation in a press conference today, according to what he told KYW's Philly Soccer Show on Friday.