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Missing It: Columbus Crew 3, Philadelphia Union 2

The Philadelphia Union needed a win in order to ensure their mathematical chance of making the playoffs remained slightly higher than 0%. But thanks to a poor first half and a missed offside call following a 2-goal Union comeback, the Union dropped all three points at Columbus and have been officially eliminated from the playoffs.

The first half saw the Union dominate possession, but little else. Under Hackworth, the Union have become a real possession side, but possession means nothing if the team cannot create anything with it, and that is exactly the position the Union found themselves in during the first half. The Union were only able to create two attempts at goal in the first half, and none of them on target. Columbus Crew would take a 1-0 lead in stoppage time.

The Union thought they may have had an equalizer at the very end of the half, but it was rightfully called back as Okugo, who shared some of the blame on the first goal, obviously put it in with his hands. Jairo Arrieta would then split the Union defense and slot home his second goal of the night to give the Crew a deserved 2-0. Okugo, once again, found himself sharing blame. It was not a pretty half for Amobi Okugo.

The second half would not start much better for the Union, although Zac MacMath did make an awesome save in the 63rd minute. A couple minutes later, Antoine Hoppenot got taken down in the box and was awarded a penalty kick. The penalty taken by Danny Cruz would be converted and the Union found themselves trailing only by one.

Late in the game, the Union would miraculously tie it on a goal from Jack McInerney, however, just a minute later, Columbus Crew would equalize on a dubious goal from Milovan Mirosevic on a goal that should have never counted due to Mirosevic being in an offside position.

That would be it for the Union, as they are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs a whole month before the playoffs begin. The Union went through an unnecessary re-build last off-season, and it backfired in every possible way. While the Union can rightfully claim the linesman gave them a raw deal tonight, there can be little doubt this season was a step back in every way imaginable. There will be more time to digest this in the coming months, but for now, it's a nauseating way for the Union to be mathematically eliminated in what has been a nauseating season.

The Union will seek to salvage some pride Wednesday night when they travel to Chicago to take on the Fire.