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Philadelphia Union at Columbus Crew - Match #29 - Game Thread

Philadelphia Union starting XI: MacMath, Gaddis, S.Williams, Okugo, Valdes (c), Carroll, Lahoud, Cruz, G.Farfan, M.Farfan, Martinez

Philadelphia Union bench: Konopka, Albright, Torres, Gomez, McInerney, Hoppenot, Hoffman.

Columbus Crew starting XI: Gruenebaum; Miranda, Marshall, James, Williams; Birchall, O'Rourke, Mirosevic, Gaven; Higuaín, Arrieta

Columbus Crew bench: Lampson, Gehrig, Vukovic, Tchani, Meram, Vargas, Rentería

It is almost a joke at this point. The Philadelphia Union will not qualify for the playoffs. With a month left in the season, there is just no rational way a team on the brink of elimination now will ultimately end up qualifying for the playoffs. But, the Union need to promote the game somehow, so here goes nothing.

Union's playoff non-aspirations aside, this game does actually playoff implications. For the Columbus Crew, they are currently in sixth place, carrying 45 points with 30 games played. The team they are currently chasing for fifth place? The Houson Dynamo, who have 46 points with 30 games played. For the Union, this does provide a motivation to want to win because any opportunity to dampen the hopes of a sports team that plays in Columbus, Ohio is an opportunity worth taking.

Prediction: The Philadelphia Union go out with a whimper much like the Phillies did last night; co-eds party. Crew win 1-0.

Game can be seen at 7:30 PM on The Comcast Network. DOOP!