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Poetry Corner Kicks: Dynamo 1 - Union 3


I almost don't know what to say. A win? W-I-N. Those three letters put together in that combination are not what I expected going in to this game. Poetry Corner Kicks has pointed out a few times that during this losing stretch, most of the stats have been on our side, except for the all-important goals. That seemed to change a bit with this game. Shots on goal, a sharp looking Adu, and some nice saves from MacMath finally put one in the win column for the ol’ Blue and Gold. Rest that leg, Freddy! Check after the jump for this week’s Poetry Corner Kicks recap.

I shout "Huzzah!" from every rooftop
In joyous rapture I
For after long and trying hours
A win falls from the skies

The Dynamo had just returned
From gaming CCL
The Unionites had just returned
From streaking, losing hell

A big-time save from Tally Hall
Brought many déjà-vu
But this game was still early on
Much work there was to do

Young Adu struck in twenty-eight
The goalie screened from sight
So Adu ripped his shot right off
‘tween legs and through the pipes

A rookie by the name of Gaddis
Showed the world his drive
As down the flanks he roared all night
He’s not survived, but thrived

Garcia for the men in Or’nge
Then tied the game at one
The blast from off his right foot was
A shot as from a gun

The half would come with both teams scored
But each had only one
But lucky for the men in blue
This time they were not done

Then the men from Houston got
A little bit confused
Instead of soccer, played football
And Sheanon was abused

It happened in the box and so
The Union scored again
This would be all that they would need
But this was not the end

Martinez opened his account
A goal to seal the deal
A poke from off of Josue’s toe
Made three goals and a meal

The Union still have much to do
For this was just one win
But if our forwards can score more
They can do it again!