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Poetry Corner Kicks: D.C. United 1 - Union 0

Drew Hallowell - Getty Images

The scoring woes continue in the land of PPL. The Union seem to have no problem dominating the stat sheet in most categories except for a small one we call "Goals". Through 27 games played, the Union only have 26 goals. While this isn’t the worst Goals-Per-Game average in the league, it’s very close. I have yet to write a Poetry Corner Kicks recap for a win. I don’t know if I’d even know how to do that. With Houston around the corner on Sunday and the beat-down they administered in their latest CCL match, it doesn’t seem likely that I’ll get the chance any time soon. See after the jump for the poem for today.

I cannot think of many things to write
When both teams seemed content to lose the fight
With Marfan out for play a bit too rough
And DeRo out with inj’ry sure enough
The fans in stands and those who watched the tube
Were subject to some sloppy soccer soup
Coach Hackworth had a plan to put the ball
Into the net to end the scoring stall
Formation changes and the personnel
Would help them to depart their scoreless hell
The stats were pil’ing up in Union’s favor
Alas there were no goals for them to savor
But irony was there you best can bet:
An erstwhile Union player found the net
The former leading scorer for the U
Had shot the ball, this time his aim was true
Though used to seeing Pajoy sky his shots
There was no doubt that this one found its spot
For Union players what is left to say
Their many shots were not enough this day
Perhaps what’s needed is a bigger net
To help our lack of scoring to offset