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The Ugly Game: Philadelphia Union 0, D.C. United 1

The agony of the 2012 Season. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-US PRESSWIRE
The agony of the 2012 Season. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-US PRESSWIRE

In one of the most lackluster games of the season, the Philadelphia Union lost to D.C. United 1-0 in a game where the biggest positive for the Union was no one fought anyone.

In the first minute, Lionard Pajoy was whistled offside on what might have been a decent goal-scoring opportunity, furstrating many D.C. United fans in the process. Excuse while I offer absolutely no sympathy to them in that regard. If only things ended this way.

Zac MacMath saved a whopper of a free kick from Chris Pontius in the 23rd minute, providing one of the few highlights of the half. Both teams played absolutely atrocious soccer that bore no semblance to anything beautiful or a game. D.C. United were poor. Philadelphia Union were worse. If a team playing semi-competent soccer against either of these sides were on the field, the game would have been at least 3-0 at half time in favor of the semi-competent team.

The second half started much of the same, with each time out-uglying the other and neither team generating much in the way of quality chances. Or even chances. Or shots. Or much of anything. No team played well, everyone played poorly, and this two hours of our lives would have been better spent watching paint dry. I suppose Antoine Hoppenot's point blank shot that Hamid denied was a highlight, but it ultimately was just another wasted Union chance in a season filled with them. But then, Chris Pontius broke down the right wing and crossed it to Pajoy in the box. Despite Union players being near, none of them were close enough to stop it and Pajoy easily volleyed the ball into the net, creating the most 2012 Philadelphia Union moment ever.

That would unfortunately be enough to put the Union away. Their best opportunity came in the final minutes of stoppage time with a loose ball rolling around in the box, but the Union were unable to register a quality shot from it, and D.C. United escaped with an ugly 1-0 win that everyone would do well to forget.

Up next for the Philadelphia Union is a Sunday afternoon tilt against Houston Dynamo. Every time it feels like the Union have hit rock bottom in 2012, the Union find a way to sink lower. This season can't end soon enough.