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Poetry Corner Kicks: USA v. Jamaica

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We hear the words "free kick" thrown around so often these days in soccer circles. But these last two World Cup qualifiers had nothing of the kind. Rather than "free", these kicks were incredibly valuable to both teams. Dempsey’s first-game-first-minute smack was the only goal in the run of play. It was somewhat staggering that more goals were not scored from the run of play last night in Columbus, but the peppering of shots could only find the woodwork. At least the USA found the three points they were looking for. See after the jump for the Poetry Corner Kicks recap of both games.

There we were in Kingston Jamaica
To gain at least a point
But these Boyz were no cup-cake-a
The Office attendees rocked the joint

Dempsey drew the game’s first blood
Before the crowd could find their seats
Yanks thought it would bring a flood
Of goals from off their players’ feet

But this goal would stand alone
Without friends or close companions
And this lead could not be grown
In the Office, this pit, this canyon

Free kicks then the goal du jour
Kicked by Austin and by Shelton
Sent the US home unsure
And their Cup hopes started meltin’

Game two came to C-bus night
Where the US felt a weight:
Take three points and set aright
Their feeble-standing hope's estate

Shots from US feet were fired
But none found the back of net
Woodwork played a game inspired
Caring nothing for their sweat

Dempsey drew a free kick foul
Herc would kick in fifty-two
Resulting in a long-drawn howl
From Jamaicans who would lose

Now in three-way tie for first
Yanks are sure still in the mix
But you know, it could be worse
(Thinking here of Olympics)