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Draw Something: Philadelphia Union 0, New England Revolution 0

To infinity.....AND BEYOND!
To infinity.....AND BEYOND!

The Philadelphia Union entered this game having not picked up a win in five games. The New England Revolution entered this game having not picked up a win in nine games. It felt like something had to give tonight in Foxboro. Only it didn't, and both teams' winless streak continued.

In the first half, the Philadelphia Union played a strong possession game, and while they succeeded in limiting New England Revolution to chances, the Union did little to generate chances themselves. For the first 40 minutes, most of the Union's chances were unthreatening shots from distance. It was only in the final five minutes of the half did the Union have any real quality behind their chances. Hopponot got a deflection off Barnes, forcing a quick save from Matt Reis, and Cruz sent in a cross that Amodi Okugo got a head on, only to hit the crossbar and just miss.

The second half started off with an embarrassing defensive gaffe from New England, Antoine Hoppenot was alone in front of Reis but could only muster a shot at the keeper's foot. That's a shot he must want to have back. From thereon out, there was little in the way of quality chances. Later in the second half, Rowe mustered a semi-decent shot that forced a Zac MacMath save. This would be the New England Revolution's only legitimate threat at goal of the game, and one would hardly classify this MacMath save as amazing. The Union, however, were not able to muster much offense themselves. A couple chances, certainly more than New England, but nothing overly impressive. The Union had an offensive flurry toward the end of the game, but were unable to put the ball behind Reis and into the net.

To the extent this game had real quality chances, the Union did manage to get the bulk of those and will probably be a tad disappointed not to come away with three points in this match. If nothing else, New England Revolution hardly established a threat at goal while the Union managed a tiny bit of a threat. But at this point saying the Union deserved three points is like saying this simile makes sense. On the surface, the logic is there, but upon diving into it, the realization is made that it's still bad. The Union are bad. The Revolution are bad. This game was bad. And being the slightly better of the two bad is not the staunchest of claims.

This makes it six straight without a win for the Philadelphia Union. The Union's next match comes next Saturday against the consistently bad Toronto FC. Things have to go up from here. What could possibly go wrong?