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Poetry Corner Kicks: Crew 2 - Union 1

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Last minute goals, red cards, and near-misses: these all make for fun games if they result in a win for your team. Alas, for the Union, this was not meant to be. There was a swarm of black and yellow that flew in from Columbus and left PPL desolate. Even when the swarm was made smaller by one player, it didn’t seem to matter. With Hackworth admitting that this season is all but over, it might be time to put in the younger-than-even-our-youngsters on the field (Hernandez, Pfeffer, etc ...). But I’m no coach, that’s just fan speculation. Click below the jump for the Poetry Corner Kicks recap of this latest Union stunner ...

"Wow" was my thought at the end of the game
More of the same and still more of the same
Losing in such a dramatic display
Surely would dampen most die-harders' days
Crew players from the small town of Columbus
Came to play soccer and found ways to stun us
Valdes a bright spot for Union Supporters
Blasted a free kick like shot from a mortar
Leading for only a bit of the game
Gave up a goal off of Williams' mane
Halftime was tied it was all knotted up
More was to come, as in watching a scuff
William's red gave a reason for hoppe
Would we see vict'ry? The answer was "nope"
Still with more chances the Union would try
Just like the rest though, we sent them sky-high
Then in the last gasp of this game's finale
Gaven swooped in and he tallied a tally
Stats are not games or else Philly won three
Goals decide points and they went to the bees
When will the U find a chance they can finish
Playoff hopes surely and truly diminished.