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Poetry Corner Kicks: RSL 0 - Union 0

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Well, at least it wasn’t a loss. The game had some positives (like seeing Cruz getting more and more involved), some negatives (like Cruz doing Pajoy impressions with his sky-shots), and some "well, that’s interesting"’ (like Adu seeing so little time on the field).

There’s little time to stew over it though as there is a quick turn-around with a Wednesday game this week. Maybe the back of the net can be found against Columbus? See below the jump for the Union – RSL poetry corner kicks recap...

On a night with zero scoring
There was still a bit of scrap
As the Union took on Utah
And a tie fell in our laps

First a scoring chance was wrought
From some nifty Marfan feet
In a sight we see so often
From a kid with skills complete

In another sight we see
Far too often than I'd choose
Was a shank from Pajoy's foot
Oh no wait, now that was Cruz

Valdes caused a little scuffle
When he ran into the keep
And the boys from RSL
Said the hit was dirty, cheap

In a moment of redemption
Was a corner kick from Cruz
It was saved from bending in
And a Grabavoy was bruised

Then in minute eighty-five
The U's goalie took a gamble
When he stopped a break from Steele
With a block and then a scramble

I will not say too much more
'Bout this zero-zero scuff
But as far as playoffs go
One point surely ain't enough.