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Poetry Corner Kicks: Montreal 2 - Philadelphia 0

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Greetings all in SB Nation, and welcome to Poetry Corner Kicks. In this space, you'll get a rather unique take on the events of the previous Union game.

A recap done in poetry might sound a bit strange, but for a Union fan who happens to enjoy poetry, these are not the strangest of bedfellows. Unfortunately, writing is usually more enjoyable when you are in a good mood, so writing after a Union loss is a bit more difficult.

I thought about just going with haiku- short and I don't have to spend a lot of time stewing on the loss.

Hot outside, but cold

In PPL for the U

The U played like trash

Or perhaps a short poem like: The Union played so bad, It really made me mad.

These of course are just emotional responses and not much of a recap. Not to mention the fact that, this being the first poetry corner(kicks) entry, it would not be fair to simply do one haiku or one short poem that looks like it was written by my two year-old. So, below is a bit more of a recap, aptly titled "Montreal 2 - Philadelphia 0".


A game of opportunities, some taken and some lost.
The Union tried to take it, but got their wires crossed:
Instead of shooting at the goal, Pajoy tried going 'round it.
But the Impact players got the memo, for when they tried, they found it.

Jack Mac tried a heel flick, a shout out to LA,
But unlike a few weeks ago, a goalie blocked the way.
So Valdes tried his best to show what he had in the tank,
But his long run was all for naught, as Pajoy pulled a shank.
Jack then tried another shot, a bouncing, skipping header.
But flailing arms from Ricketts proved that this time he was better.
All these opportunities for the Union tossed aside.
They just could not find netting while shooting high and wide.
But Wenger found his mark from the feed from Bernier,
Who got his ball from Justin Mapp, whom Nowak threw away.
After half, the Union thought, they'd give another go,
But another Pajoy miss made the SOB's say "D'oh!"
MacMath showed that he's got some stuff by saving 'Lipe's shot,
But things went downhill from that point, the Union held at Naught.
Rivas got upset by an "Antoine slider-surprise".
He was so mad he threw his head into the slider's eyes.
Jack came in to stand up tall, to defend his striker's honor,
But ended up with "Red-card fever" making he and Rivas goners.
Once things simmered down, it was time to play the game.
But Adu lost the ball, then a shot by Felipe.
A scissor shot to nail the coffin, a fitting end to things.
But Valdes showed he wasn't ready to hear a fat lady sing.
A narrow miss from Valdes in the final minutes' time
Made our announcers lose their stuff, and go out of their minds.
Alas the score would stand, a sound and bitter defeat.
A loss to 'spansion Impact, was in the books, complete.