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Union Freekicks - Monday, August 27

Getty Images

RSL test a 'learning curve'

While the playoff hope fades, the young Union players will still keep learning from games like this. The more games they play the better the team gets. Or so we all hope.

Photo essay: Union 0-0 Real Salt Lake

Pictures from the Union game that describe important plays during the game.

Talking tactics

The Union changed up the midfield a little, and put Gabriel Gomez in Freddy's spot. While the formation didn't give the Union any goals, the results were promising in the RSL game.

Ottawa, MLS perfect fit

While the league looks for a new market to expand to, someone thinks Ottawa is a perfect fit. Mostly for the reason that the other three Canadian teams have a thriving fan base.

Soccer-Man arrested over racist tweets to West Ham's Cole

Someone sends racist tweet on twitter, gets arrested. Not hard to find you when your names attached.