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Former Union Defender Joe Tait On Trial With Cambridge United

After leaving the Philadelphia Union, Joe Tait traveled around Europe and attempted to find a new job. He spent time in Scandanavia after training with his boyhood club, Middlesbrough, but nothing came of either of those trips.

Now the former Hartlepool United defender has returned to his home country of England to attempt to resume his playing career. According to BBC Radio, out of Cambridge, England, Tait joined up with Cambridge United on trial.

Defender Joe Tait, 22, started his career with Hartlepool, but has more recently spent time playing in the States. #cufc

Cambridge has been stuck in the English fifth division - the Blue Square Bet Premier - for most of its recent history. The 100-year-old club (it was originally founded as Abbey United) has had troubles getting through the division's playoff system to the next level, known as League Two, leaving it stranded with the financial pitfalls of trying and failing to quickly move up the ladder.

Tait was highly thought of by Union coach Brendan Burke, who also manages the Reading United AC, and was acquired by Philadelphia from the Dayton Dutch Lions because of his recommendation. Though he never made it onto the field, Tait was used by the Union as natural center back depth, something that the team has lacked throughout its history.