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Girl Runs Onto Field At PPL Park, Gets Banned, Brags About It On Twitter

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The final whistle blared and the Philadelphia Union began their celebrations due to captain Carlos Valdes' late winner. They weren't the only people running around on the field, though.

A female fan, 15, made her way onto the field and ran toward starting goalkeeper Zac MacMath. The soon to be 21-year-old looked confused as the girl hugged him and then ran away.

Through Twitter, the girl, a student at Unionville High School in West Chester, bragged about "smacking" MacMath's posterior before being throw out of the stadium. She stated that the Union will not be pressing charges for the assault and she received a restraining order from PPL Park.

After being sent numerous negative tweets concerning her gloating and the action she chose to undertake, the girl closed her Twitter account to the public, setting it to private.

After the jump, a storify list of the best of the tweets concerning the incident, compiled by the Brotherly Game.