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VIDEO: Sixers' Elton Brand Is Bad At Soccer, Very Bad


The Philadelphia 76ers surprised a lot of people in the 2012 National Basketball Association playoffs, partially due to Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose suffering an injury that knocked him out of the series. Veteran power forward Elton Brand was a catalyst for the team's progression over the course of the year and helped the Sixers almost upset the Boston Celtics, who nearly made the NBA Finals.

However, last night Brand showed that just because an athlete makes millions in one sport, a pick up game in another with other athletes and celebrities doesn't make him equally good or even average at it.

At last night's Steve Nash Soccer Showdown, Brand showed off his less than stellar soccer skills. At one point Chelsea winger Solomon Kalou fed the former All-Star and Brand wiffed on the pass, quickly turning around and acknowledging that he messed up.

Later Brand would wind up and whip a shot right at fellow former Duke standout Mike Dunleavy right in the face. All in all, not a great day for Brand.

To be fair, it's not often a six-foot, nine-inch player makes it in soccer.