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Philadelphia Union vs. Harrisburg City Islanders - USOC Quarterfinals - Game Thread

Philadelphia Union starting XI: MacMath; Gaddis, Okugo, Lopez, G Farfan; Carroll, Lahoud, M Farfan, Adu; McInerney, Pajoy

Philadelphia Union bench: Harrison, Albright, Daniel, Gomez, Torres, McLaughlin, Hoppenot

Harrisburg City Islanders starting XI: Noble; Basso, Bixler, Marshall, Duckett; Pelletier, Noone, Welker, Langley; Ekra, Ombiji

Use this space to discuss the game. Please do not use it to post illegal streams, troll, or attack others. Harrisburg City Islanders fans are more than welcome to join the discussion, but don't be a douche bag. As someone who has been on this network for a long time, it is very easy to tell the difference between someone well-meaning, and someone whose sole purpose is to incite a reaction out of others, a.k.a. trolling.

Prediction: Union exact their revenge, beat their affiliate USL-PRO team 2-1.

The game is scheduled for 7:30 and can be seen above on the online embedded feed.