Union in Financial Difficulty?

This theory has been voiced by several people here and on the site, and the indicators seem to be getting larger in number. Based on the personnel moves of the last year and what we've gotten in return, phrases like "salary dump", "fire sale", and "financial move" have been used with frequency. Le Toux (allocation), Califf *(Lahoud making $165k less than Califf + allocation), Jordan Harvey (allocation), Mwanga *(Perlaza making $110k less), Kyle Nakazawa (international roster slot) are just a few examples of deals in which the Union either traded a player for some form of monetary compensation, received a player making less than the one traded, or in Naka's case gained a slot that until filled required no monetary compensation at all.

A recent article published in Philadelphia Sports Week also had this to say about the Union's current financial dealings with the city of Chester

"Linder points out that, under the deal that brought the Union here, the team is supposed to pay the city $500,000 a year in lieu of property taxes. But, he said, the team had fallen behind by $750,000 at one point and still hasn't made the $500,000 payment for 2010. The $500,000 payment for 2012 is due at the end of this month, according to Linder. The team did not respond when asked to confirm the figures."

Additionally, Union CEO Nick Sakiewicz has been quoted as saying the proposed tax hikes that the city of Chester wants to implement would "effectively put us out of business." That, of course, could just be posturing from a business perspective but certainly doesn't suggest financial health either. I am not a "sky is falling" kind of person and I really hope that this is all circumstantial and poor team management on the part of Nowak rather than money saving practices. I've been an STO since day 1 and love my team. I'm merely just pointing out that there is some evidence out there to suggest that the team may be in financial difficulty.

*Salary figures collected from, because I didn't know where else to go to get them.