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Union Freekicks: MLS Sexism, US Open Cup, Mwanga, YSA Report

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Sexism for Major League Soccer's Official Media Rears its Head (Again) - The Goat Parade
"This is an alarming pattern, and MLS needs to stop immediately. The cascade of representations of women as good supporters of the real deal, the "true" and legitimate male MLS fan, was retrograde when the league was founded in the 1990s."

The Goalkeeper - Harrisburg City Islanders, Reading United A.C. drawn in U.S. Open Cup
"The first- and second-round draws for the 2012 U.S. Open Cup are out, and we now know the early matchups for the Union's lower-division affiliates."

The Philly Soccer Page " It’s time to start Danny Mwanga again
PSP advocates Danny Mwanga starting up front instead of Lionard Pajoy. We agree.

YSA Matchday: Seattle 5-5-12
"In this week’s edition of YSA Matchday Murph and Andrew discuss the San Jose match and preview Saturday’s match against the Seattle Sounders. Dave Clarke from Sounder at Heart calls in to talk about Seattle in detail."