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Source: Backroom Finger Pointing As Chivas USA, Union Blame Each Other For Uncompleted Califf Trade

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The Danny Califf trade saga has not yet come to a close, which has caused a backroom war of finger pointing between the Philadelphia Union and Chivas USA.

A source told the Brotherly Game that the deal was no longer official, as the two sides were blaming one another for the reasons why the team had stalled.

After the Union's 3-2 loss to the New York Red Bulls on Sunday, Philadelphia Sporting Director Diego Gutierrez publicly addressed rumors of the possible trade of captain Danny Califf.

"We're considering something but as of now we don't have an agreement," Gutierrez told Dave Zeitlin. "Danny Califf is a Union player."

Chivas USA head coach Robin Fraser took some offense to the disclosure of trade discussions, telling ESPN Los Angeles that things like this situation are talked about all the time. Fraser's tone wasn't a happy one when he was forced to answer questions involving the rumored trade offers from his team to the Union.

"We listen to inquiries every day, we make inquiries every day," Fraser said to Scott French of ESPN Los Angeles. "It's part of the job. It happens all the time. ... Not a day goes by when we don't inquiries or make inquiries."

"Let's just say we've made enquiries," Fraser said."...It's all speculation at this point."

Califf was listed on the injury report for the game, with a hip injury as the reason for why he was included as part of a group of ailing Union players. The source informed the Brotherly Game that Califf was not injured and that his listing as such was a ploy by Nowak and the Union to "keep rumors at a minimum."

Despite the unofficial nature of the deal, Califf has already cleaned out his locker, per the source. A different source told the Brotherly Game yesterday that Califf had planned on leaving for California today.