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Union Freekicks: A Draw To No One, NASL, Questions To Answer, Numbers

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Philly Union Talk - Recap: Union 0-0 No One

The Philadelphia Union didn't play this past weekend which means that they neither dropped nor gained points. Philly Union Talk writes a humorous article on what occurred at PPL Park during the off week, including a homeless man questioning head coach Peter Nowak's lineup decisions.

The Union Dues - The Defending Champs: Minnesota Stars F.C.
The Union Dues adds another chapter into their growing series on the current day North American Soccer League. They featured the Minnesota Stars FC, who won the league's playoffs last year, in their newest article. Soccer Blog - Philadelphia Union have plenty of questions to answer
James Clark, of the Press of Atlantic City, takes the Union to task for the slow start to the 2012 MLS season. Hard hitting, for real.

The Goalkeeper - A little bit of soccer numerology
Jonathan Tannenwald uses the numerology of Passover on American soccer. Very interesting breakdown of the numbers on through 13. Take a look.